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If you like the new logo, this journal entry isn’t for you, but if you don’t like the new logo, I have a plan to get it changed. So far, people have just been complaining about the new logo looking terrible, but that isn’t going to do anything. The deviantART staff will just think we’re complaining because we don’t like change. We can’t just tell them that the new logo is terrible, we need to PROVE it!

We need to put our pencils where our mouths are. We need to spend our time making or improving their logo, to prove to them that their logo is bad, and that we want them to change it. They say that deviantART is for the community; that we’re all in this together. Well let’s see them prove it!

If we all work together, and ALL of us make our own logo, we’ll be sending a message to deviantART. A message they simply won’t be able to ignore. If their entire art community is willing to spend the time to fix the mistake they made, they HAVE to pay attention.

What I’m saying, is that we all need to make our own logo. I want you to go make your own deviantART logo. It can be based on their current one, or it can be completely different. You can use digital art, traditional art, or even pixel art. Just make your own logo. After that, tell everyone you know to do the same thing.

If we all pull together and do this, deviantART will have to notice that we aren’t simply complaining. We’re trying help deviantART!

So to list it more simply:
    ·    Make your own deviantART logo
    ·    Use the tags #speakout and #Newlogo, and if appropriate #dahybridlogo
    ·    Tell everyone you know to make their own deviantART logo (perhaps linking them to this journal entry)

If we flood deviantART with this many alternate logos, each one showing our displeasure with the current logo. Then they will notice, and they will have to realize that they need to rethink their logo design. We can do this if we ALL WORK TOGETHER, we just need to be heard.


:iconnebesaheavens: suggested the inclusion of the tags. So thank her for that awesome suggestion. And if you have any ideas for tags, just post them in the comments.

Also thanks to :iconrockyrailroad578: for suggesting some more tags.

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ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just figured out that if I had kept doing the "Minecraft scientific method" (8 of something, then try EVERYTHING from nothing to the same item and every other item in your possession in the center) for discovering crafting recipes for long enough, I would have figured out how to make a music player. It's just like a Note Block- as we suspected, except it requires a Diamond in the middle instead of Redstone. 
DanVzare Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
So you finally figured out how to make a music player.
It was made just like a note block but with a diamond instead? It kind of seems obvious now, I suppose. Especially since some of the best record players have a diamond tipped needle.

I'm glad you figured it out though. :D
You must have a lot of patience to figure those recipes out. You're probably one of the few people who actually figures them out as well. So I suppose you have bragging rights.
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, I didn't figure the recipe out. I got it from the wiki after my first visit to The Nether. I wanted to know if it required any of the new materials I'd found there. Plus, I have a collection of discs I got from various situations, and I wanted to at least start playing them on my ranch. And I was tired of knowing it had to exist, but not knowing how to make it, like with a Nether Portal before it. But I WOULD HAVE figured it out eventually- IF I'd stuck to the method. Once I get everything settled on the ranch, I'll have so much stuff that I can test with, I'm sure I'll find a recipe for something I don't know already. 
Figuring out recipes mainly requires a lot of stuff, rather than just a lot of patience. I think it takes about the same amount of patience that alchemy in Skyrim does. But it's more fun in that you have to think about shapes, rather than properties.
DanVzare Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
You cheated!
I'm ashamed of you... very ashamed.

Just kidding. :D

Minecraft would be a pretty tough game with the internet, wouldn't it?
Then again in that reality, you probably wouldn't even know about half the stuff that did exist in the game, let alone how to make them.
Minecraft probably wouldn't exist at all either... soooooo. Yeah.
(1 Reply)
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I guess you just assumed I knew that ^^ ... but nope. I didn't! If I had known that then I would have guessed a Diamond sooner.

I now have a collection of Music Discs waiting to be played. :cd::bulletred::cd::bulletblue::cd::bulletgreen: Unfortunately, I don't have the white disc because it was blown up by a Creeper. THE CREEPER MANUALLY DETONATED, blowing up my disc! It was far away from me, and low on health, and it blew up as soon as it got to the disc, before I got the chance to approach it. Fortunately, that area that I told you about near my little house in the desert is a really convenient place to farm music discs, so I have several now. :D But I also still have the two I got when Creepers spawned inside a Skeleton dungeon. The second time I found Creepers in there I had a much smarter plan than the first time when I didn't think they'd blow up the Skeletons. :skullbones::explosion::facepalm:
DanVzare Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Oops, I suppose it just never occurred to me.
I only really know about record players because of how obsessed my mother was with music back in the eighties.
I think diamond tipped needles are pretty rare now, and I think that might have something to do with them quickly wearing the records down. But they give better sound quality, so there's that.

So what has it been like listening to those music discs then?
(1 Reply)
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I finally found a way to get a Minecraft map, and they finally found a way to make it work:…
I'd explain it, but first I need to find out if the link even works for you, heh.
I haven't built much, but did lots of exploring. I've never been to The Nether- as the map shows- though, but that's soon going to change...
DanVzare Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I clicked on the link, and it works perfectly. :D
I'm glad you finally found a way to make a map of your world. Please tell me how you did it.

I'd also like a quick guide through your world (perhaps with some coordinates to go along with the explanations). If that's ok.

You know, I think that looking at all of the rendered maps of Dwarf Fortress has affected me. Because when I saw that Minecraft map, I was a little bit jaded by the lack of detail. Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress rendered maps look very similar, so it's hard not to notice the similarities. But seeing only one colour of stone at the edges, seems weird when you've been looking at Dwarf fortress rendered maps for weeks on end.
I mean, just compare your map to this: (that's not mine by the way).
So similar, yet so different.
Sorry about going off topic there, I just really wanted to share my thoughts.
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you're not drowning in these Replies. I thought maybe a guide could be more interesting when you have a map and stories going together. For me, when you combine how much time I spent playing this Minecraft world in total ignorance, combined with how much time I spent playing it where I deliberately didn't look up a single thing, and then combine that with what I do now... I haven't built anything, but where others just farm something, me, I have an adventure for it, lol. I've only just started to get into the benefits of actually doing things the right (easy and efficient) way. :XD:

The rest is about what's not in the east. Except for the village in the northeast. I really like that village. It's like that village by the mesa, where it was just out of my field of view when I was exploring, so I didn't realize it was there until I saw it on the map. I really like that village at 1100x -850z, so I'm expanding it. And sometimes I have to defend it too, because I arrive at night, misjudge time and emerge from a cave too late for bed, or a thunderstorm starts in the daytime and catches us all off guard. Good thing there are two golems here, because the best blacksmith in the world is in this village.

I have expanded the village since this map was created.

A neat thing about this village that helps keep it safe is... the large house all the way at the bottom of the village, well, I made a fenced-in hole outside so the door would count and made a basement room to put Chests, then I made a winding tunnel to mine Cobblestone. Then I heard Bats, so I knew there was a cave down there, and I dug 'till I hit it. Since the cave was connected to the house, and Villagers liked that house, I knew I could't leave without lighting up every place mobs could come up from it from. I lost one Villager for taking too long to do that, coming up at night, being forced to defend the village because it was too late for bed and a Zombie came out of the basement to get the Villager in that room. Once I got that cave lit up properly, villagers started going all the way down into that cave, and doing it a lot, so I realized I needed to light it more and "baby proof" it too: One time I went down there and found it to be raining Villagers, as Villagers had all left the "buildings" I'd built them down there, and had gone much deeper into the cave, where they found a high ledge they could jump off of, and one-by-one they were doing it, like lemmings. I remember standing there, looking up at the last ones to jump, as they were contemplating it, and I didn't have enough blocks on me, and I was like don't you do that! Don't you jump from there! Children! CHILDREN! NO!! Fortunately, none of them died, not even the Librarian who'd been attacked by a Zombie earlier, but if they had kept doing that I would have gone down here and found everyone dead and blamed it on Zombies, when actually it was mass suicide. The Zombies were actually innocent for once. :innocent::zombie::innocent: There's a first time for everything.
This village has the most Villagers. Almost 30, I think, and there's always a group of them in this cave. They even started breeding down there, because I still had my door farms up. (it's not good to get a thunderstorm when your door breeder is set up, because then Zombies attack and you don't have a chance to go to bed, and Villagers will be in houses, and in the breeder, and running around outside, confused and you have to fight off all the Zombies like that to keep from losing any. And you have to do it for the duration of the thunderstorm, AND all the night, because if you go to bed Zombies will be around while you're dozing off and mob the Villagers in the morning. Not good in morning rush hour traffic of a crowded street. :bump::bump: )
Fun fact, during the most recent thunderstorm, I almost got to see my first Zombie Pigman, because a Pig in a pen almost got struck by lighting! If the Pig had been struck, the bolt would surely have hit all the other animals. I wonder what happens when Chickens and Cows are struck by lightning? :confused:
The Villagers go much deeper into that cave than I thought, but they try to stay together, and they still know how to get back to the surface. I remember a purple baby one was born down there, and he looked around and immediately came to the conclusion that there was a better future elsewhere and went straight for the exit. :XD: They also keep going back to the "buildings" I built them down there, because that's usually the first thing Villagers see when they come downstairs, and that encourages stray ones to come back.

:iconmcvillagerplz:Instead of blabbering more about the map, I'll blabber this:
You know what I discovered is very useful for defending a "normal" village from Zombies? As in, you keep the village accessible like it normally is, and don't light the field or use Iron Doors or blocks or anything extreme for security, so Zombies can attack the village as intended? EGGS!!
To defend a Village you need these things:
Two Iron Golems. One will help, but only two will suffice.
One Dog. To defend a village, you need to physically be everywhere. Whenever you see a lone Zombie attacking, whether he went it alone to begin with, or was part of a group you whittled down, hit that one Zombie to paint it as a target for your Dog and then run off. That Zombie won't be attacking Villagers, and your Dog will kill it if it wasn't too far away to see, so the area the Dog is in is almost guaranteed safe because of the Dog, so if that area is safe, you don't want to be there a moment longer tha you have to, when there are areas that aren't, so you run to the next area.
Good armor. You usually do a bad job of protecting the village if you're dead, and if you don't have to worry about health, you only need to eat so you can sprint, and just recover health then.
A good sword for killing Zombies quickly when one is breaking down a door and others are covering him, or to spend less time cutting down a group. Otherwise, your Dog can handle the Zombies and a weaker weapon will do. If your sword is strong enough for you to kill a Creeper in two hits, then you don't need a Bow, unless there are two Creepers
A strong Bow for when pairs of Creepers get into the village
An alternate, optional weapon. Let's say you have an Iron Sword with Bane of Arthropods IV on it. In that case, it will kill Spiders faster than a high-powered Diamond Sword would, so since you don't have time to waste on Spiders, being able to one-shot them is good. Spiders will hurt your Dog too. 
Rotting Flesh for your Dog to eat when he gets hurt
Quality food for YOU to eat. In the daytime you can eat whatever makes the most sense, but at night you need to spend as little time eating as possible, because you are vulnerable to Creepers every time you slow down to eat, and the whole village is vulnerable because you're not sprinting off to the next area. Eat as few times as possible at night, and make that food fully count.
A pickaxe (or axe) depending on what your buildings are made of, just in case you need to break into a house for some reason rather than using the door. Rarely, Villagers will think they are inside when they are actually standing in the door frame, but are not inside, due to another Villager being in their way. You can't open the door and push them inside without going inside to open the door first. OR maybe a villager was killed through the door and is now trying to spread the infection to others in the house, so you run in the door, but find survivors are crowding the door once you've taken care of it and try to exit.
EGGS or SNOWBALLS. Lifesavers when nothing else will work. When you're sprinting across town because you see a Zombie approaching a hut where you know Villagers are piled up against the door, an Egg could be the only thing that will save them if The Iron Golems are not in that position. A Bow will be useless because it takes way too long to pull back, and causes you to move much to slowly if you're not on a Horse. (Hmm... :idea: I should try defending a village on horseback!! :lightbulb: THAT would make me fast, and prevent me from having to eat, but my Dog would get left behind even more, and I'd need to feed the Horse...) Eggs can be thrown very very fast (thanks for tipping me in on that to encourage me to try it. [ :thanks: ]) and distract Zombies from a distance. Now that I know how to breed Chickens, if a Village has even two Chickens in the vicinity, I can soon have Chickens everywhere and not have to import Eggs or Snowballs.
Optional Enderman. Look at an Enderman(men). Stand behind the Iron Golem, just outside his attack range. Enderman dies. PROFIT. Return to defending. :laughing:

Now, sure you could just go to bed early or stay out of the village at night altogether, but what if you misjudge your time and location when you're underground, or if a thunderstorm suddenly starts and Zombies start spawning? Then you'll have to defend the village, or just deal with the flaming Zombies in the morning and hope that works better than just fighting them off. :zombie::skullbones::sun::onfire:
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…
You asked for "a quick guide", but I had a hard time doing "quick", so let's start over and
try again! Also, my browser kept crashing, so this time I lost what I typed because it
hadn't become long enough for me to save it yet.

There's a rail line that currently starts at my burned down house, but it's supposed to
start at the desert village and temple to the south. You can easily spot it That's the
first village I ever found (and the first temple), and for the longest time it was the only
one I ever knew about. The rail line will run from a train station there to The World Spawn
via those islands, so I don't have to build as much over the ocean. It currently runs from
my old base to my tent at the first abandoned mineshaft I ever found, where there will be a
station in the water. I ran it very carefully between Familiar Forest and Familair Field so
it would do as little "environmental damage" as possible, and be out-of-sight as it could
be. [I forgot to mention that my dirt house is shaped the way it is because I built it to
fit the terrain]. If you keep following that rail line- which you can see from pretty
zoomed out in the swamp- it's going to go near the first Witch hut I ever discovered next.
I always believed that I'd find a Brewing Stand and Cauldron in a Witch hut, so when I get
back from my test in The Nether, I will make my only Brewing Stand in the world at this
hut. I improved the hut by making a hatch to a Bed in the basement, and givng the place
lighting, a door and storage, so it's a proper shelter now, and a landmark in the swamp.
It's around -500 -500, but the station will be built near the sugar cane nearby so as not
to disturb the grounds around the hut, and to make the rest of the rail easier to make.
The rest of the rail will travel northwest to get down those stairs to that field, and the
new home station will be where the lava pool is. One the other side of the trees above the
lava pool is where my ranch house will be. If you zoom in at the lava pool and look south
by the water you'll see where I'm beginning to hoard materials transported over from my
burned down house that I will use to build my ranch home. The rail line will then pass
completely through the spruce forest and there will be a station at the next lava pool,
right by that village near -1000x -1100z. If you see this area at night, you'll see where I
met some wild dogs and tamed them, so I have a dog already on the ranch by a Torch.
Ever since I found it on the demo, I wanted to build a rail line to that "volcano" at -300x
-1300 z, so the end of the line will be there.

While I was wandering around in this region, I found a neat tower at -160x -1830z

Very often I get on a Boat and travel to the east. That's where I started finding a bunch
of villages. I did not know it was connected to the land where I found that first village
to the south, so they were all there. I spend so much time in it that I actually built a
out there. I bet you'll find it without coordinates, since it's not far from the
water and all the roads intersect there. ;) I get Music Discs now in the flat desert by
that house because I have the right weapons and armor now, at last, to make that easy
enough. I built those roads because I felt the villages were in such close porximity they
should be connected, and I wanted a use for all the Gravel I had.
"WaDerpia" is to the north, where some of the derpy buildings are in water, "Central
Central is to the southwest at 550x 300z, where all the many, many villages cram into the
Chruch and can't stand to be outside it, and a Creeper nearly killed EVERYONE. The village
where everyone DID die is "High Speed Village" that the dirt road goes to. The lived up to
what the signs say: "Welcome to High Speed Village, where we live fast, run fast and die
Those people died because of the government.

Here's what happened to them. You know how if you go far enough from a village, monsters
won't spawn there? Well, if you look at the night map you can see a place at 1100 x that is
lit because there's a mine there. While I was in the mine, there was this one part that I
had a bad feeling about going into due to lava. That part is too close to the village, so
Zombies spawned up there and killed the villagers while I was mining that part.
Those villagers all trusted the government to protect them, so they spent the night in the
library and butcher shop where they always did, and they happily zoomed around the village
at the speed of sound. But four villagers were not like the rest. They did not zoom, and
did not trust, and when a doorbreaker Zombie came at night, all the regular villagers were
killed. As I think I told you, somehow two of the hardy survivalists that were left lured
the doorbreaker Zombie into the well where he became trapped. That's where I found him when
I got there, Wooden Door still in his hand. All the other Zombies burned up. Two of the
survivors were hiding in out-of-the-way buildings- including "the other library", and the
other two were in a sealed house where I didn't know they existed until I heard noises one
night saw Zombies gathered there. The door to the house was literally buried under the
street, and "outside" for those villagers was in a small air pocket outside the door. Very
low chance spawning spots. I still went into their house and added Torches once I knew they
were there, because large houses can still have Zombies spawn in them, then I traded with
them and sealed their building back up. Then, unfortunately, the head non-trusting
survivialist/conspiracy theorist that I would come here specifically to trade with went
insane and literally disappeared into The Void. I even downloaded a Minecraft data program
to see where he went, because he was inside the library with me, sealed inside the
and according to the program, he's gone.

My Mooshrooms are currently at this village along with all the other bovines.
I led them there from the Mushroom Biome I discovered way out to the east. Along the way I
found a neat temple at 1780x 150z. That's where I had to stop and defend the Mooshrooms at
night when I brought them in (And a Witch was guarding them, ready to poison them all if I
tried to lead them) and that's also where I park my horse when I go east to logging

Looking for a forest to destroy, I followed the islands east until they led me to land. I
was swimming. :facepalm: The island that lights up at night was such a nice one that I made
a shelter there, but the forest was too dangerous at night for me to land, so I made an
exception to my normal rule and lit up the forest some, so I could land there. There's one
Sheep on the island so I could make a Bed, and there are Cows. In my shelters, I like to
leave supplies that are useful in the area, so I left Boats, a Compass, Shears, food, and
axe and stuff. Then I keppt going and reach my logging country, where I cut as many trees
as possible and never replant any of them. This area is where I go to destroy. I leave the
trees on the coastline so I can see them as I come in, but the rest of the trees have to
go. It doesn't look like I cut much, because the clearing is not big, but I try to cut as
many trees as possible in this reigion. I built a nice little house at 3750x 450z and visit
it whenever I need lots more wood. That's right. Rather than have a tree farm, I go all the
way out here, cut everything, load up on wood, fill my Ender Chest with stuff too and then
go home. I just wish there were Dark Oaks out here, because I'd have a field day with those
out here.

When I heard the Mesa was east of here, I went further and found two of the things I was
looking for: A savanna (Acacia wood to cut! :hooray: ) and an odd village that was in
the water, in the desert, with plains around it.
The buildings are so close together
that there are blocks covering the library window, and this village is a naturally Zombie-
proof place to live almost. Exactly how you live there, though, I don't know.
Northeast of there I found a buried temple at 4900x 140z.

I continued east and found another village at 5400x 140z Z where the large house is more
like a skyscraper the door is so high up, and there's a temple near that one too. Then
there's another village where the temple generated on top of the village, and because of
that, their well is dry! And they have no food! nor farms and no animals. 6350x 550z. The
smallest village I ever found, with just 3 Villagers (I've seen several villages with only
3), but only two buildings. UNLESS THERE'S ONE INSIDE THE TEMPLE!! :noes: ) I'm going to
explore that temple and add Torches and doors so the Villgers can too.

The journey east continued. I got to a jungle!!! :squee: :happybounce: L.A.G. But it was
great. I had been looking for new biomes (jungle, snow or mesa) and wanted the new
materials. There a FOUR JUNGLE TEMPLES hidden in that Jungle, just along the route with the
lakes! And the hardest-to-find one is the first one I found! Only two show on this map, but
there are two others. One is even buried in a cliffside. The lava pools are super
dangerous. The first one I found I covered with cobblestone from the mesa and was lucky
because it was raining. Another one I found near the obvious jungle temple and put it out
because it was somehow easy. But according to this map, forest fires are burning in the
jungle right now, and I need to put them out the next time I go.
Once I clear the jungle- which takes forever due to lag, but it's great there are almost no
hostile mobs in it- I get on my horse and ride to the mesa! :cowboy::happybounce:
The best part of it is centered around 10400x, -100z.
There is stuff to mine everywhere in the mesa, but I want to preserve the beauty of the
landscape, so I mine the cliffs from the inside. There are beautiful colors all over but
the only place to find red is around those coordinates. I didn't build a house here, and
instead have a hole in a mountain so no ugly houses will disturb the natural beauty. Zoom in and look at the place. You will find formations of beauty everywhere, and a village I did not notice southwest of the mesa.

Since this guide has gotten too long, I'll add the last bits about the not-east to another reply.
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