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Winning at any cost by DanVzare Winning at any cost by DanVzare
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Why is Cluedo called Clue in America?
Ok, I know the reason is supposedly because Ludo isn't popular in America, so no one would get the reference. But I didn't understand that it was referencing Ludo (of even what Ludo was) until I was in my teens. You definitely don't need to change a name just because you don't think people would get the reference.

Also Cluedo just rolls off the tongue better, and actually sounds like an actual name. But "Clue" sounds like you started a sentence and then suddenly got distracted by something else.

Not only that, but Cluedo matches with the names of other board games, such as Monopoly and Risk. A kid doesn't know what Monopoly means, other than it having a lot of O's and being fun to say. And Risk is a pretty stupid name for any board game. I'm fairly sure ALL board games include risks of some kind. Ok, sure, Cluedo isn't an actual word, unlike Monopoly, Risk, Sorry, and Trouble, but let's face it, Monopolydo, Riskdo, Sorrydo, and Troubledo, would all be brilliant names. (Provided you pronounced it correctly as "doe" and not "do")

So just call it Cluedo. It sounds better, it looks better, it makes no sense (much like the game itself if you think about). It's a really good name. Plus it's its original name. And I always prefer the original names. For example, WHY WAS ZOOTOPIA RENAMED ZOOTROPOLIS IN ENGLAND!!! Zootopia actually makes sense in the context of the film, since the place was supposed to be a utopia for animals! Not only that, but it's a very good pun (or is it word play) since "Zoo" kind of sounds like "U".
Zootropolis on the other hand is just a stupid attempt at trying to combine the words "Zoo" and "Metropolis"! WHY?!?

But I digress. Cluedo is a pretty fun game. Too bad the only time they tried to update the game, was met with a ridiculous amount of controversy. Time has moved on people! And the mechanics of old board games have long since become dated! And if companies continue to insist on selling the exact same board games year after year, at least let them update them!

Which brings me to my next problem. Why are the exact same board games from sixty years ago, still being sold today?
Could you imagine if the same was true of video games, and the only games you ever saw in stores were Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac Man, with any new games being resigned to ridiculous prices in hard to find hobbyist shops?
And people wonder why board games aren't very popular nowadays.
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ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They have very tall doors in this place. A very tall fellow would be quite comfortable there. Or also a very tall lady that doesn't like feeling like a freak of nature, or tall teenagers with low self esteem. But unfortunately, it's the mansion from Clue[do], so they'd probably be dead in there. :magnify: :iconchalkplz:
DanVzare Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Well it is a mansion. It has an excuse for really tall doors. :D
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And really dead occupants. :XD:
Zombies should live in mansions like these.
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The same video games ARE still being sold today. Look at all the remakes and remasters because of how expensive new games are to make, and look at all the old games either coming back new, or actually coming back just as they were before, because of nostalgia. Nintendo and SEGA STILL try to sell you games from the 90s. and I swear Nintendo JUST stopped selling as many 80s games, so they can start selling more of them soon. And how many games are :new: games but made to trigger nostalgia, or be retro. And look how many Ubisoft and CoD games there are.

"Clue" sounds better than "Cluedo", because Americans wouldn't have gotten the reference, OR the game, without it, and in order to sell a game you have to do what you'd have to to make it sell. Someone should also tell that to whoever renamed Zootopia to Zootropolis for you. :boo: It would have sold better if it hadn't been unnecessarily renamed by a moron.

*checks tags*

LOL "twoguys" :XD: Yeah, that IS a humor type. :la:

Also look at how Becky looks in that first panel. :meow: :pringles: But it looks like her lip is a goatee in the second, where she points out 
LOL the murderer wins. :XD:
And what's up with Steve? It looks like he barely even go dressed and had to literally throw something on. :XD: It must be a reference from Ludo. :slow: Surprisingly Doug is well dressed here. :lolly:

EDIT:WAIT. There must have been a gender swap, and that's why Steve looks like he literally threw something over his head. He threw a dress over his head. :strip: If that's the case, Steve could learn about cross dressing from his wife, then, as he needs some pointers. :XD: That dress doesn't suit him at all. I don't care what the game would dictate. :XD:
DanVzare Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Well... ok you've got me there. But at least you can still get new and original video games with ease and for cheap. Getting new and original boardgames is both difficult and expensive, at least it is where I live.

Well I personally think Cluedo sounds better. But we'll need an outsider's opinion to truly know which is better, because I grew up with Cluedo and you grew up with Clue. So we're both bias.
Just so you know though, I didn't get the Ludo reference until I was twelve, and read it up on Wikipedia. I didn't even know there was a game called Ludo! (You know how I live under a very large rock.) I still liked the name Cluedo back then, and couldn't understand why it was called Clue in America, which is why I looked it up.

Speaking of name changes. What about Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone being changed to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in America.
On the surface, the change makes sense. Nobody knows what the Philosopher's Stone is, and you generally want a magic sounding name for your book about wizards and witches. BUT the book sold well in Britain despite those shortcomings, why would it be any different in America? The usual excuse is that apparently most children in America wouldn't know what the Philosopher's Stone is, but the same is true in Britain! I don't thing anyone here knew what the philosopher's stone was until a "Did you know" video came out on Youtube about it.

Continuing on this subject, there's the Megadrive and Genesis. Personally, I think the Genesis sounds way cooler. I'll stick with calling it the Megadrive out of principle, since that's what most of the world calls it, but the Genesis sounds better. It should have been called that everywhere. :nod:

It took you a while to notice that Becky was being Professor Plum and Steve was being Miss Scarlet. I decided to keep them set to their normal colours. :)
And from this experience we can both see that I should never draw someone in a dress ever again.
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nintendo I hear is selling the Switch port of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for more money than the original WiiU version:new:.

We're not both biased. :sherlock: We're both exactly what the name of the game suggests we're supposed to be! :XD: Each following the version of his own region: these names were carefully picked. :sherlock: I don't think an outsider's opinion would be unbiased. I think it'd be distorted: they didn't get a name that was picked to serve them like we did! :lol: So from their perspective, they got a weak name.

For Harry Potter, WOW I should have known something like that would be true, but I didn't and was completely ignorant of that. You guys over there would surely know more than us here. But about the stone, I really think it's just the wizard-ey sounding name they wanted. :wizardhat: "Philosopher" is too big and non-magic-sounding to be a compelling enough name for us here. I think it's just that and not more, as no kids on either side of the pond knows what the Philosopher's Stone is. Not enough children watch FMA. :lol:

And THAT'S the thing with Megadrive and Genesis?!?! :wow: I always thought they were two totally different machines, with the Megadrive being a precursor to the Genesis that no one had heard of! :XD: NOW it makes sense! And why would anything be a precursor to the "genesis"? That's like the "dawn of the birth of the awakening" or something like that! :XD:
I thought SEGA called it the Genesis because they knew there'd be at least two systems after that, and were thus forward thinking! :slow:

LOL never draw a dress again? :lol:
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